Wienerberger Blue Perforated Wirecut Class B Engineering bricks, galvanised steel handrails and tube clamps, glass, mortar.
Thanks to Frances Drayson, Nick Lott, Steve Brennan. 
Photo credits: Laura Dee Milnes and Artist's own.

"Back to the bricks - the primary concern was to make a colourful version of something sinister, but there’s something about stained glass from the bombed church in there too, maybe. The arches are a way of combining that municipal barrier thing I mentioned with a wall, on which to smear mortar and embed with broken, coloured glass. They act a little like bridges, and there’s a Norse myth I was thinking about whereby the bridge that goes from the mortal world to Asgard (called Bifröst) which is often described as being rainbow coloured. They’re shaped like an inverted version of the outer branches of the rune used for Bifröst too, Elhaz, and cross over each other like the chicane barriers. It provides access to somewhere, but is guarded, like the walls with glass on; denying/inviting at same time."