Realising a project to mark the end of a six-month residency with the Foundling Museum in London, which involved a gathering and reordering of the Museum’s history as the Foundling Hospital and its ongoing collaborative outreach work with the Coram next door, the Hospital’s direct charitable descent.

The work was documented in a blog, produced alongside the research as a chronological document of an ongoing train of thought.

With groups of Coram children the museum team and I made polymer clay ‘marbles’ based on the colour palettes of important paintings in the museum’s collection, concentrating on the skies and cloud formations.

This had been inspired in turn by the marbled, binding decorations from the museum’s unique, musical manuscript library, dedicated to the work and legacy of the composer Handel, who along with the painter Hogarth was instrumental to the Hospital’s 18-Century beginnings.

The closing event EndPaper featured a tournament played with 100 marbles created in this fashion, adjudicated by Sam McCarthy-Fox, Secretary to the British Marbles Board of Control, as well as a lecture on Cloud Theory by Esther Leslie and interview with Helen Kaplinsky.