"An invitation: Those who will in time make the short move to the new offices – the London Branch of the Canal and River Trust – are invited to mark the occasion by affixing the ringed plaque to the front of the building, and firmly striking the bronze mooring pin into the surrounding earth, as a reassurance of stability.

The rope, made at Chatham Dockyard’s Victorian Ropery, has been manufactured according to 19th Century Royal Navy guidelines for anchorage rope: made three times the depth of the deepest navigable water, ostensibly so that the vessel might be capable of mooring anywhere in the world for battle or rest.

In this case, the depth of the canal at the Old Lock Keeper’s cottage has been plumbed, tripled, and spun and closed into rope, whipped in traditional canal ‘Brightwork’ colours."

Produced to mark and accompany the relocation of the London offices for Canals and Rivers Trust, the plaque, rope and mooring stake that comprise Chandlery attempt to provide a physical keepsake as well as a ceremonial purpose.

Moving with the workers, archive and function of the Trust to 'Little Venice'; the junction of the Grand Union and Regent's Canals, they are to be sited in the grounds of the new offices, the Old Lock Keeper's Cottage.

Bronze, Chatham Hempex rope (20’), Whipping twine.

As part of: Canal River Trust Exhibition, London, 2012.

With thanks to:
John Nicoll and Richard Slatter at Chelsea College of Art Foundry.
Dave Cheer and Alison Leonard at Chatham Ropery
Nous Vous Collective.
All at Canal and Rivers Trust, Paddington, London.