1big1: to gether


Pewter, denim.

1big1's pewter hashtags kept my head mostly together through the lockdown proper, and recently they’ve been spliced into a prior work, which also found its way into the world in a period of poor health.

The rope is made from black jeans worn by myself, my partner and friends, knotted together in the same fashion as prehistoric cordage and doubled back over itself many times. I was thinking about interactions, intersections and scene connections this time around, as well as ritual repetition as a strengthener for intention, at a time when many communities struggle to meet or their hubs remain permanently or indefinitely closed.

The two works may head their separate ways one day, but currently coexist, entwined as an apotropaic festoon for interior spaces, first shown as part of BREEZE DE LA BREEZE at Zona Mista, and then over the hearth at ADAM, London, in the group show Mantle, Monitor, Ledge #003, alongside work from Líadáin Evans, Konrad Jakubowsky, and a text by Kimmi McIntosh.